elephant sanctuary koh samui

elephant sanctuary koh samui

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elephant sanctuary koh samui


elephant sanctuary koh samui – Samui Elephant Home Caring and Education Center is where you will see the well-being that all
elephants deserve, conserve the environment, and help local communities with sustainable tourism.

Then you will love and understand the new ecotourism more than ever.



Welcome everyone to Samui Elephant Home Caring & Education Center.

We will bring you to open the world of conservation to learn and understand the natural way of the well-being of animals, especially “Thai elephants,” as well as to learn the coexistence of humans, animals, and nature for a sustainable.



elephant sanctuary koh samui | Our intention is to take action for helping Thai elephants to have the natural well-being they deserve. To be a voice for everyone to realise the true importance of wildlife, the local community and the environment, including adding new blood conservationists to our world.



For this reason, we have created an ecotourism project which we are not doing only on the surface we have also studied and researched. It also receives cooperation from the local community to develop unique and interesting ecotourism. All these are to ensure that everyone who visits Samui Elephant Home Caring & Education Center will surely gain knowledge and experience from the ecotourism project.



With the stance of Samui Elephant Home Caring & Education Center, we want to promote the conservation and coexistence of humans, wildlife and environment to be stable. And more efficiently, we have been cooperating with universities, public and private sectors to cooperate in creativity and lay out the guidelines of ecotourism along with giving knowledge for everyone to truly understand the problem to contribute to the creation of environmental sustainability.



11/8 Moo 5 Namuang Koh Samui Suratthanni
84140 Thailand

Tel : (+66) 77-423-468, (+66) 86-393-8878

Fax (+66) 77-423-469

 TAT License No.33/1661




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