amodatailor | bangkok custom tailor

amodatailor | bangkok custom tailor

amodatailor | bangkok custom tailor

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amodatailor | suit bangkok custom tailor


suit – We offer high-quality custom tailored suits and shirts for men who see the value in looking sharp and gallant. Our skilled master tailors handle all of our cutting and sewing, ensuring precision in all production processes with attention to the details.

A suit is always, always a stylish choice – but when it’s crafted from high-quality materials. Having a suit made from quality fabrics defines how it wears and looks. We guarantee that our suits will suitable to your lifestyle and your everyday needs.



Since 1999 our goal has been always to serve our customers from countries from all around the world , and we get even more satisfaction when we craft fine clothing for you by maintaining constant contact and keeping connection with our clients since the beginning.

From the knowledge of cloth and texture for over 30 years, we curate and recommend the best styles to suit your personality with a fair price. We are here to craft your suits with our qualified workmanship and style, we hope to suit you up with the latest fashion trends.





You can choose all details you want, from buttons to pockets and lapels, we can do everything.


You and your groomsmen deserve the sharpest suits. Let us help you create suits for your day.


Each our suit is made to your exact measurements and fit your specific body type


We have a wide range of bow ties which fit everyday fashion as well as special occasions



We would love to hear from you for your suiting queries – you can even drop us a message and we will get back to you within one business day.

Do visit us at the shop or connect us via call or email.

Contact us for free pick up or delivery if you need , also if you are not sure of where we are located , please give us a call


1414 Charoenkrung Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am– 7:30 pm

Sunday : Closed


+66 81620 1501

+66 80220 0078


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